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Blood Test At Home By Triveni Diagnostic

With the Triveni home collection service, you can get blood tests at home for a low price and without putting your safety at risk.

People with weaker immune systems or who are more likely to get serious problems from COVID-19 will benefit most from the home visit service

Follow these steps to book a home collection
Choose a Convenient Location

During a pandemic, it is less stressful to test at home than to take the chance of going outside. To book a home visit, all you have to do is put in your location information, and qualified phlebotomists from Triveni will be at your doorstep to collect blood.

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Flexibility and ease

You can make an appointment at a time that works for you and have a safe blood sample taken from your home.

Professional and Highly Trained Phlebotomists

All of our phlebotomists are experts at what they do and have gone through a lot of training. When they take your blood sample, they make sure it is as safe as possible and follow strict rules about hygiene.

Get your test results online

Book a home visit, and your test results will be sent to you by email/whatsapp between 24 and 48 hours after the sample is taken. With this service, you can be sure that your blood sample will be taken safely at home, and it's easy to check your results online.

Insist on Triveni 
Superbly Qualified Team

A highly trained group of phlebotomists are experts at getting blood from a single needle prick.

Flexible Timings

We know what you need, so we take samples as early as 6:30 a.m. or late evening 

Fastest Reports

Reports are sent to you as soon as possible by email or Whatsapp.

Flexible Days

We go the extra mile to make things easy for you. Even on Sundays and holidays, we take samples.

What Our Customer Say

Since day one, we've been making sure our customers are happy every day.

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